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12 Sep 2014

Okay, we arrive at another article on romantic or other relationship breakups, and how this seems to inevitably lead to the over consumption and possible habit formation of alcohol. Well, most of us have been there. Many of us have experienced the intense, lightning pain of total rejection at the hands of someone we were in love with, or the absence of phone calls from someone we thought was our friend.

It becomes almost physically painful, at some point. It is not enough that they stomped on your heart and your feelings. Now, they are attacking your body. It can feel like this is the final straw before the camel’s back is truly broken, and you either lash out or “lash in,” so to speak. If you don’t end up...

08 Sep 2014

Ecstasy can make people become more affectionate. Speed can make people feel more energetic. GHB has euphoric qualities. Depressants can produce feelings of contentment. These are all valid effects of illicit drugs, and if that is all that was revealed, it would lead to a person believing they are beneficial. Who does not want to feel affectionate, energetic, euphoric, or content?

However, these descriptions are the typically self-servings drug effects that substance abusers pick and choose to describe why they feel the need to use a particular illicit substance. What about the person who was once friendly and took part in all the social activities and bit by bit becomes withdrawn, if not anti-social? Studies of...

20 Aug 2014
Do you remember, when you were a kid, dreading even the smallest amount of pain? Whether it was taking off a bandage or getting your blood drawn at the doctor’s office, there was such a huge fear of pain that you would do just about anything to not feel it? As you grew up, and experienced more pain, both in the body and in the heart, you became accustomed to it or unafraid of it because you understood it better.

It never meant that you did not feel pain, but it meant that you knew the proper context of the pain with regard to the surrounding circumstances.

When you entered the business world, you saw that some people were fired and experienced a great deal of pain until they were suitably (and for...

18 Aug 2014
The National Drug Strategy 2010-2015 names three pillars representing strategies to reduce drug consumption in Australia. Topping the list as Pillar 1 is “supply reduction.” Pillar 2 is “demand reduction” and Pillar 3 is “harm reduction.”1 It is notable that reducing the supply of drugs is first because some people claim that convincing people to stop using drugs will eventually lead to the supply drying up. There may be some truth to that theory because the drug trade is a matter of supply and demand economics. However, given the extent of drug use amongst Australians, it is difficult to reduce drug usage when the drugs are so easily available. Recovering addicts must deal with a society where illicit drugs are plentiful....

13 Aug 2014
You know how nice it is to be all wrapped up in your comforter, blankets, sheets, and body heat in the morning. You know how nice it is to wake up to that delicious warm and snuggly feeling of total safety, total comfort, and total serenity.

Of course, we all have to get out of bed and go to work, then. But, after a while, we find it so tempting to simply lie down and remember the feeling we have when we first wake up.

When someone does drugs or becomes an alcoholic, they are attempting to recreate that feeling. The thing is, stressful things occur all around them and easily pull them out of this state unless they are really deep into the drug induced experience. Once the drug wears off, all hell breaks...

11 Aug 2014
There is strength in numbers, or so we have heard. Yes, two hundred warships are likely to win against two warships, but other than that, is there any finesse in numbers? The truth is that a good general can make two warships last a very long time, and that a bad general can get many warship quickly reduced down to only a few. So, yes, there must be some finessing of the numbers for there to truly be strength in numbers.

What do work related tasks have to do with strength in numbers?

Well, when someone retires, and we mean truly retires not just say that they do, they suddenly find themselves with a lot of time on their hands. They are able to easily make meetings and meet deadlines, well ahead of...

30 Jul 2014
Some of us are more easily influenced than others. No, this does not make us weaker and it does not make us idiots. It just means that our spirit reacts to external influences in more personal way. Out of the four major personality types (Thinker, Feeler, Intuitive, and Sensate), the Feelers and the Intuitives, especially the Intuitives, are more likely to be easily influenced or easily affected by their surroundings.

Therefore, it is of great importance to know what to do about this little trait of yours if you have it. There are, of course, times when you want to be affected by a good movie, a close friend, or the bonds of friendship out in the wild around a campfire. However, when your boss is yelling at...

15 Jul 2014

When you are about to journey on a new horizon, oh man, the future can look like an endless field of possibilities. And this is true!

Exciting new prospects present themselves in every form to those of us with vision and determination, and all of us can cultivate this eagerness to succeed and move forward every day. Imagine for just a minute that you have really high motivation. Well, I’m betting that it is not due to some urgent need to get things done or some emergency situation. Instead, you are probably excited by clear, unbroken paths before you. Everything looks green and growing and scented and colorful. There is beauty that soaks right through your skin and saturates your soul. The horizon looks unending,...

14 Jul 2014

Peace is kind of subjective, if you think about it. What seems peaceful to some people is boring to others, and what seems relaxing to some people is far too exciting or physically taxing to others. And, as for peace of mind, we all have various priorities, and so we all achieve peace of mind in various ways: financial acumen, income, family, loving relationships, children, parents, etc. So, even if the world agreed on peace instead of war, it would be less than likely to occur, because we all have different ideas of what peace looks like and feels like.

If any of you study meditation, then you know how important it is to draw energy and mindfulness from deep within yourself. And, if you have studied and practiced...