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18 Jul 2014

Growth in business must be planned. The way a business system or business plan is set up is rather regimental and does not allow for any growth in the future, or very little, if it does. Growth must absolutely be planned for, otherwise it cannot take place.

And, if growth cannot take place in your business, the orders will roll in but you will not have enough manpower or systems in place to deal with them, or your business will be ready to grow, but you will have prevented it from bringing in any more money than it did last year, which is not a good thing if inflation and the economy make growth pretty much necessary.

By placing your trust in the inevitability of change, by expecting it but not forcing it, you will...

17 Jul 2014

A lot of what makes people believe in someone or something is the confidence which that person inspires in those people. In many cases, people find that a cause or a strong leader is enough upon which to rest their hopes, desires, and strengths. There is a belief, there is a faith, in what is going on around them or in who they are listening to. That means that, if you are able to inspire this confidence in other people, you will be able to bring about this same transformation and this same dependency upon your own business when it comes to products or services.

As much as some people may complain about the “powers that be,” those powers would not have that authority without it being given to them by the same...

16 Jul 2014
When you do something every day, it doesn’t just become a habit where it bothers you or irritates you if you don’t do it in the future. When you do something every day, it becomes part of your world, and the effect of it builds up over time. For example, let’s say that you begin to read a really large college textbook. It is huge and it is bulky and it may seem as if you will never get through it. If, however, you read ten pages of it every day, you will be completely through it in a month or less.

Daily actions compound upon themselves and create really informative and revealing facts about the person who is doing the actions. Alcohol and drug testing may seem as if it doesn’t have to be that...