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11 Aug 2014
There is strength in numbers, or so we have heard. Yes, two hundred warships are likely to win against two warships, but other than that, is there any finesse in numbers? The truth is that a good general can make two warships last a very long time, and that a bad general can get many warship quickly reduced down to only a few. So, yes, there must be some finessing of the numbers for there to truly be strength in numbers.

What do work related tasks have to do with strength in numbers?

Well, when someone retires, and we mean truly retires not just say that they do, they suddenly find themselves with a lot of time on their hands. They are able to easily make meetings and meet deadlines, well ahead of...

08 Aug 2014
When you are looking to grow your small business, there are very few things which are better for this growth than using onsite drug and alcohol testing. Unlike with a large company, any employee missing from the day to day operations can seriously slow down the operations of the business. This means that onsite drug and alcohol screening is very time effective when you are looking to maintaining maximum output in your operations, but you still want to start implement employee screening procedures.

Now, we have talked about how small businesses can “dress for success” so to speak by acting like they have many more employees and therefore using employee drug and alcohol testing as part of this preparation...

06 Aug 2014
Sometimes, at Mediscreen, we seek to inspire you with what the human spirit is capable of. You see, onsite drug and alcohol testing is all about giving you the information you need to make good, thoughtful decisions about your future and that of your business. And these decisions do not only affect your own financial status, but that of your employees, as well. Therefore, your decisions make a lot of impact for a lot of people.

Workplace drug testing is about making sure that you have the right people for the right jobs in your business. If one or more of your employees is abusing substances while at work, then it will not just affect their own performance, which is a company loss, at best. Instead, it will...

05 Aug 2014
When you hear a piece of soulful music, or you walk out onto the city street on a clear night where the golden lights sparkle against the black velvet sky, you may feel bit of emptiness…but in a good way. When people paint or write music for emptiness, they are glamorizing it like it’s never been glamorized before. You see, emptiness can be beautiful, but then it can be dangerous and heart wrenching, as well.

What do we mean by that?

Well, a good kind of emptiness involves some sort of helpful cleansing of your spirit. You get rid of something which was bothering you or your intentions are not as bright as you thought they would be, but they are lot stronger than you realized. These are examples of...

02 Aug 2014
Have you ever had a perfect day or party or event planned, but it went off horribly because it was just the wrong time to do it? ThisTiming is All Important can apply to many different areas, such as things which are interrupted by or are enhanced by our circadian rhythms, someone else’s plans, or just how things seem to move along fluidly and smoothly or with many difficulties and many forced movements.

Timing is all important. The best laid plans with the best people and the best set of circumstances are all laid waste when the time is not right. And yet, when the time is correct, even bad employees, makeshift patch jobs and underestimated scenarios can suddenly swing into full bloom and all of a sudden...

31 Jul 2014
When you are talking with someone and they behave in an unexpected way, in a way which denotes fear, anxiety, shiftiness, cowardice, or some other negative trait, then you may wonder at their behavior. It is the unexpected which causes us to wonder. If we expect someone to be nervous and agitated, then we don’t really care if they end up being that way, and some of us may even find it amusing, on top of that. However, if someone displays a negative trait when one was not expected, it sounds as an alarm in our brain.

We weren’t expecting something shifty like that.

Therefore, sound the alarm.

Of course, alarm also indicates fear and many people are either afraid of a situation they are currently...

30 Jul 2014
Some of us are more easily influenced than others. No, this does not make us weaker and it does not make us idiots. It just means that our spirit reacts to external influences in more personal way. Out of the four major personality types (Thinker, Feeler, Intuitive, and Sensate), the Feelers and the Intuitives, especially the Intuitives, are more likely to be easily influenced or easily affected by their surroundings.

Therefore, it is of great importance to know what to do about this little trait of yours if you have it. There are, of course, times when you want to be affected by a good movie, a close friend, or the bonds of friendship out in the wild around a campfire. However, when your boss is yelling at...

29 Jul 2014
Are codes of ethics different between societies and individual people? What I mean by this is, is a personal code of ethics necessarily any different from that of the society they keep and the societal standards which are around them?

It’s a good question, and it makes all of us think, individually, about how we have set up our own personal codes of ethics. After all, don’t we all think constantly about our ethics? The answer is, not really. It is usually not required to think about these things. Unless you have an inherently philosophical nature, you probably haven’t thought more than once or twice about your own personal ethics. It’s not exactly the grocery list, the interesting book you’re...

28 Jul 2014
When you think of water, you think of blue water. Very few people think of water as an actually clear substance, even though we all know that that is exactly what it is. Water is blue, in our minds. When we visualize the ocean, it is blue. When we think about a swimming pool or a pool of any kind, we see it as blue. Even a bathtub full of water has a faint bluish tinge, and so we even think of that as blue, just a little.

Well, the reality is that water is not blue. It is clear. It is colorless. However, your perception is reality, is it not? When your business thinks about gaining success, does it not think about the ways in which it is weak? It is good to care about these things, but not that much. You...

25 Jul 2014
We are all familiar with the old shampoo bottle adage “rinse and repeat” which is printed on all our showering hair care regimen materials. Of course, when you are exercising other skills besides lathering your tresses, you may find it easier to remember that habits are the foundation of all success and most failures. Habits, repeated over and over until you really get down the routine, are part of what make humans so powerful and yet so vulnerable.

If you repeat exercises in success, whatever they may be for your particular job title and routine, you are creating habits of success. This is a great way to leverage the power of your sub conscious mind into creating habits which you don’t have to invest in...