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16 Jul 2014
When you do something every day, it doesn’t just become a habit where it bothers you or irritates you if you don’t do it in the future. When you do something every day, it becomes part of your world, and the effect of it builds up over time. For example, let’s say that you begin to read a really large college textbook. It is huge and it is bulky and it may seem as if you will never get through it. If, however, you read ten pages of it every day, you will be completely through it in a month or less.

Daily actions compound upon themselves and create really informative and revealing facts about the person who is doing the actions. Alcohol and drug testing may seem as if it doesn’t have to be that...

14 Jul 2014

Peace is kind of subjective, if you think about it. What seems peaceful to some people is boring to others, and what seems relaxing to some people is far too exciting or physically taxing to others. And, as for peace of mind, we all have various priorities, and so we all achieve peace of mind in various ways: financial acumen, income, family, loving relationships, children, parents, etc. So, even if the world agreed on peace instead of war, it would be less than likely to occur, because we all have different ideas of what peace looks like and feels like.

If any of you study meditation, then you know how important it is to draw energy and mindfulness from deep within yourself. And, if you have studied and practiced...