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02 Aug 2014
Have you ever had a perfect day or party or event planned, but it went off horribly because it was just the wrong time to do it? ThisTiming is All Important can apply to many different areas, such as things which are interrupted by or are enhanced by our circadian rhythms, someone else’s plans, or just how things seem to move along fluidly and smoothly or with many difficulties and many forced movements.

Timing is all important. The best laid plans with the best people and the best set of circumstances are all laid waste when the time is not right. And yet, when the time is correct, even bad employees, makeshift patch jobs and underestimated scenarios can suddenly swing into full bloom and all of a sudden...

31 Jul 2014
When you are talking with someone and they behave in an unexpected way, in a way which denotes fear, anxiety, shiftiness, cowardice, or some other negative trait, then you may wonder at their behavior. It is the unexpected which causes us to wonder. If we expect someone to be nervous and agitated, then we don’t really care if they end up being that way, and some of us may even find it amusing, on top of that. However, if someone displays a negative trait when one was not expected, it sounds as an alarm in our brain.

We weren’t expecting something shifty like that.

Therefore, sound the alarm.

Of course, alarm also indicates fear and many people are either afraid of a situation they are currently...

29 Jul 2014
Are codes of ethics different between societies and individual people? What I mean by this is, is a personal code of ethics necessarily any different from that of the society they keep and the societal standards which are around them?

It’s a good question, and it makes all of us think, individually, about how we have set up our own personal codes of ethics. After all, don’t we all think constantly about our ethics? The answer is, not really. It is usually not required to think about these things. Unless you have an inherently philosophical nature, you probably haven’t thought more than once or twice about your own personal ethics. It’s not exactly the grocery list, the interesting book you’re...

25 Jul 2014
We are all familiar with the old shampoo bottle adage “rinse and repeat” which is printed on all our showering hair care regimen materials. Of course, when you are exercising other skills besides lathering your tresses, you may find it easier to remember that habits are the foundation of all success and most failures. Habits, repeated over and over until you really get down the routine, are part of what make humans so powerful and yet so vulnerable.

If you repeat exercises in success, whatever they may be for your particular job title and routine, you are creating habits of success. This is a great way to leverage the power of your sub conscious mind into creating habits which you don’t have to invest in...

23 Jul 2014
We all know someone who is naturally peaceful and who naturally takes the world by storm in their own quiet, peaceful, easygoing and carefree way. What is their secret? Do they just always feel comfortable in their surroundings? The truth is that peace created and peace born are not that different. People who are naturally peaceful were still raised in an environment where peace was naturally and easily available. Therefore, it stands to reason that those who are trying to create their own peace would be doing something inherently similar to those who seem to be born with it.

Peace is defined differently to all of us. Some of us have a need to for literal peace and quiet, with no hassles, pressures, or...

22 Jul 2014
We have all known alluring office personnel. Particularly, there is usually one or two people in the office who far outreach everyone else when it comes to looks. Their allure is extremely clear. It is not just about being good looking, though that is a large piece of the pie. It is about their grooming, their self-respect, their strength, their confidence, and their personality.

Many people dream about being or being noticed by these gods and goddesses of the workplace. However, many of them don’t consider themselves that distant from everyone else. Yes, they know they’re better appearing, but they don’t consider the gap to be that wide. The truth is that most people who are not on the top of the looks...

21 Jul 2014
If you have become a business master, then you are aware of how important the basics are. Everyone seems to be focused on learning quickly and mastering all of the complicated techniques out there that there are to learn. However, if you cannot master the basics, those techniques will be useless, and you can conquer the business world, the gladiator’s arena, the marathon, and any other challenge presented to you if you have only the basics but they are mastered.

So, what are the basics, exactly? Well, if you are a carpenter, the basics would be the simple things like measuring, cutting, and nailing. The simple things which you learn in the very beginning. If you are a writer, then the basics would be clear,...

19 Jul 2014
Alcohol consumption in the workplace is more common than employers like to admit. Though widespread worker use characterises the Australian work environment, there are some industries in which it is more prevalent than others. The employment factors influencing the amount and frequency of consumption include workplace stressors, workplace culture, and environmental conditions. From this perspective, alcohol testing programs are risk management strategies to support the employer’s duty of care to promote workplace safety. Understanding that some industries and some jobs are more likely to lead to alcohol abuse plays a role in determining how best to implement alcohol policies and procedures.

Alcohol consumption in the workplace or...

18 Jul 2014

Growth in business must be planned. The way a business system or business plan is set up is rather regimental and does not allow for any growth in the future, or very little, if it does. Growth must absolutely be planned for, otherwise it cannot take place.

And, if growth cannot take place in your business, the orders will roll in but you will not have enough manpower or systems in place to deal with them, or your business will be ready to grow, but you will have prevented it from bringing in any more money than it did last year, which is not a good thing if inflation and the economy make growth pretty much necessary.

By placing your trust in the inevitability of change, by expecting it but not forcing it, you will...

17 Jul 2014

A lot of what makes people believe in someone or something is the confidence which that person inspires in those people. In many cases, people find that a cause or a strong leader is enough upon which to rest their hopes, desires, and strengths. There is a belief, there is a faith, in what is going on around them or in who they are listening to. That means that, if you are able to inspire this confidence in other people, you will be able to bring about this same transformation and this same dependency upon your own business when it comes to products or services.

As much as some people may complain about the “powers that be,” those powers would not have that authority without it being given to them by the same...