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11 Sep 2014

In the legendary tale of Alice in Wonderland, Alice scorns the idea of believing in impossible things. The Queen replies by saying that she guessed that Alice really hadn’t had much practice. She goes on to say, “Why, I sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

When you look at the history of humankind, you can easily see that it wasn’t just one giant leap from inventing the wheel to I-Pads and laptops. There was a lot of believing in impossible things along the way….things which, eventually, grew into reality.

There was a time when workers didn’t have as many rights and privileges as they do today, and there was a time when employers would not be entirely sure if their...

10 Sep 2014

The world is becoming more complicated every day as the digital revolution continues to evolve. The Internet has made research virtually instantaneous, and thus, has made business faster than ever. It seems at times that there is virtually no separation between working and not working. People are constantly working hard to further their careers by putting in extra effort to stand out; if they don’t, they fear that they will be overtaken by someone else who is putting in that extra effort. Thus, it’s virtually mandatory now to be working beyond the traditional 8A-4P, 9A-5P, 10A-6P time frames. This leads to all new types of stress factors not really present in the workplace of previous generations.

The Need To Do...

19 Aug 2014
So, you have implemented drug screening in your business, and have the good sense to check out Mediscreen’s onsite drug testing and alcohol testing services, and you have all of your drug screening needs take care of. You are strong and safe in your decisions, and everything is going okay.

Now what? What do you do now that you have everything set up, and after you have run through the process several times?

First of all, if you have not yet experienced workplace drug testing with Mediscreen, go ahead and wait until you’ve done a few rounds of testing with us, first. Make sure that you understand all of the information presented in our reports, and that you can read them fully and accurately. During this time, feel free to contact us...

18 Aug 2014
The National Drug Strategy 2010-2015 names three pillars representing strategies to reduce drug consumption in Australia. Topping the list as Pillar 1 is “supply reduction.” Pillar 2 is “demand reduction” and Pillar 3 is “harm reduction.”1 It is notable that reducing the supply of drugs is first because some people claim that convincing people to stop using drugs will eventually lead to the supply drying up. There may be some truth to that theory because the drug trade is a matter of supply and demand economics. However, given the extent of drug use amongst Australians, it is difficult to reduce drug usage when the drugs are so easily available. Recovering addicts must deal with a society where illicit drugs are plentiful....

12 Aug 2014
We all know how nerve wracking it is to wait for something bad to happen. We also know how important it is to always be on the watch for good things to occur when and where they do. If we have a big dread fear for the bad event or circumstance, we will probably freeze up or work furiously until the time has come to meet it.

Waiting for it to happen is almost worse, if not ten times worse, then the actual event itself. And, for most people, if they could have forgotten until right up next to the event, they probably would have chosen to do so.

When you are dreading something, you can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t work, you can’t focus, and you can’t enjoy anything that is going on in the...

08 Aug 2014
When you are looking to grow your small business, there are very few things which are better for this growth than using onsite drug and alcohol testing. Unlike with a large company, any employee missing from the day to day operations can seriously slow down the operations of the business. This means that onsite drug and alcohol screening is very time effective when you are looking to maintaining maximum output in your operations, but you still want to start implement employee screening procedures.

Now, we have talked about how small businesses can “dress for success” so to speak by acting like they have many more employees and therefore using employee drug and alcohol testing as part of this preparation...