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16 Aug 2014

As children, we are often exhorted to never run with scissors. The implication of this is that if we trip and fall while running, we could cut our face or other places on our body when we hit the floor. Does that make a child completely safe, though?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes “dangerous playgrounds” for children, and discusses whether or not danger can add to the child’s growth and development. The argument in favor of this is that children will learn if they are exposed to danger to be more careful. However, if they never encounter fire or falling or serious bodily injuries, they do not necessarily know what is dangerous and what is not. They also do not know where their limits are...

07 Aug 2014
Forcing a situation is productive when the end result outweighs the effort put into forcing it. In general, forcing anything is automatically placed under the category of Plan B, second best. Plan A, or the best, is usually considered to be whatever way is more organic. Drug and alcohol testing is part of an inherently organic process. It begins with your decision to build a business or, if you are a manager in said business, to take responsibility for your portion of the company.

In order to grow and maintain the level of growth of your business, you must have long term, medium term, and short term plans in place. You must see the end result, and as you gain knowledge and perspective, you must be able to...

01 Aug 2014
Beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder. If you see yourself as beautiful, then you are beautiful to you, or handsome, as the case may be.

Ah, but respect requires so much more. You must have self respect in order to gain respect from other people.

And when it comes to changing who you are as a person, you have to find both the new and old you as beautiful and you have to respect the past and the future you. Well, that becomes a little complicated, doesn’t it?

Not really. The answer lies in how you see yourself, so the whole solution is completely under your control. Secondly, you have to see yourself in certain ways in order to become that type of person in your own eyes. Thirdly, you have...