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16 Aug 2014

As children, we are often exhorted to never run with scissors. The implication of this is that if we trip and fall while running, we could cut our face or other places on our body when we hit the floor. Does that make a child completely safe, though?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes “dangerous playgrounds” for children, and discusses whether or not danger can add to the child’s growth and development. The argument in favor of this is that children will learn if they are exposed to danger to be more careful. However, if they never encounter fire or falling or serious bodily injuries, they do not necessarily know what is dangerous and what is not. They also do not know where their limits are if they do not test them, much less be able to widen their limits through exercise and repeated failures.

In your business, we do not encourage you to use drug and alcohol testing as a threat or in any way used as a malicious tool. Often, things like this cannot be abused, since employees either pass the test or they do not. Drug screening is the limit, as defined within your company policy. If your employee runs up against the limit on more than one occasion, then your policy may state that they must be fired. However, some companies allow for multiple attempts to be made to skirt the system before they actually let someone go. Some businesses put the employee on probation, or some alternative. Others use employee assistance programs to help the individual overcome their own personal obstacles which are affecting their performance and the safety of other people. Workplace drug testing is perfect for these occasions.

At no point is employee alcohol testing meant to be some form of “they’re out to get us workers.” Rather, the company is protecting itself AND employees who are taking their jobs seriously. For this reason, it is almost a treat or a special safety net for your employees. To learn more about implementing drug and alcohol testing.

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