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14 Aug 2014

When you ride on a really exciting rollercoaster or go see a scary movie, there is so much to enjoy. You experience what would beLetting Go of Control a very real danger if it wasn’t for all the safety precautions, like the rollercoaster track or the fact that the movie isn’t actually real. For a brief instant, though, you feel as if you really are experiencing an exhilarating, dangerous moment, and of course the adrenaline and endorphins leave you feeling very good afterward.

If they didn’t, then the movie and amusement park industries would have been out of business a long time ago. It feels good to let go of control every once in a while.

This same principle applies to people who wish to abuse drugs or alcohol. It feels good to feel out of control sometimes. Then, after a while, you get used to that sensation, and it becomes normal. So you abuse a little more each time, so that you still feel the rush that you felt the first time. Eventually, even if you are not looking for a rush, the resulting crash after the drug high is so unpleasant that you begin looking for a continuous supply of money and more drugs…and more alcohol. It is rare that you find an addict who is not addicted to both. They have very similar effects in the body, and they both leave you feeling both good and a little heady. That is a really cool feeling.

What makes workplace drug testing so necessary is that addicts still need an income to supply their needs. Drug screening has to be used because anyone can get a job for any reason, not just healthy reasons. Workplace drug testing laws are in place to protect certain industries from dangerous conditions caused by careless workers or employees who are under the influence when working around heavy machinery or explosives. Obviously, these are very important, but so is every office or jobsite. Alcohol testing is necessary because it helps gauge who is letting go of control during their free time, and who is doing it during business hours.

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