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13 Aug 2014
You know how nice it is to be all wrapped up in your comforter, blankets, sheets, and body heat in the morning. You know how nice it is to wake up to that delicious warm and snuggly feeling of total safety, total comfort, and total serenity.

Of course, we all have to get out of bed and go to work, then. But, after a while, we find it so tempting to simply lie down and remember the feeling we have when we first wake up.

When someone does drugs or becomes an alcoholic, they are attempting to recreate that feeling. The thing is, stressful things occur all around them and easily pull them out of this state unless they are really deep into the drug induced experience. Once the drug wears off, all hell breaks loose, so to speak. They are instantly surrounded with busy, daily activities, daily stress, family stress, job stress, etc.

This wears down their ability to handle life, and their remembrance of the warm and snuggly womb, morning bed, drug, or alcohol, whichever makes them feel safe, causes them to want to escape life and get back to their inner safety. Unfortunately, life expands and the life inside of all of us wants to expand and grow and try new things. It is unnatural to only ever seek the safety of snuggly blankets and that feeling of safety. It is more natural to have a balance, where you go to work, hang out with your family, and then, if you need it, you sit in a safe, secluded place and feel the warmth and safety of the security you have created for yourself.

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