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22 Jul 2014
We have all known alluring office personnel. Particularly, there is usually one or two people in the office who far outreach everyone else when it comes to looks. Their allure is extremely clear. It is not just about being good looking, though that is a large piece of the pie. It is about their grooming, their self-respect, their strength, their confidence, and their personality.

Many people dream about being or being noticed by these gods and goddesses of the workplace. However, many of them don’t consider themselves that distant from everyone else. Yes, they know they’re better appearing, but they don’t consider the gap to be that wide. The truth is that most people who are not on the top of the looks pyramid consider themselves to be a lot further away from the top of the pyramid than the way things appear from the top itself.

If misunderstandings arise in the office, especially between these different levels of appearance among people, it can lead to resentment and many other irrational behaviors. Therefore, it is necessary to keep everyone’s head clear and to make sure that company policies preventing drug and alcohol substance abuse in the workplace from being broken. It is also very important that the attractive people are not hindered or shown more respect than they are due. They should be taken seriously, and they should also make themselves worthy of being taken seriously. That involves making sure that your employee onsite drug testing program is up to par and working properly and regularly.

Make sure that your business itself is alluring, and you can only do this by bringing in lots of correct, accurate, reliable employee evaluation techniques.

Mediscreen is accredited to carry out onsite urine drug testing to AS 4308. Our synthetic drug testing is perfect for keeping your business alluring, strong, healthy, and in good working order. Our mobile service, our onsite drug testing, is ready for your testing and implementation. We help you with your pre-employment screening, and with your regular testing process. We bring your screening right to your place of business. Now, there is not much which is more alluring than that to both employees and business owners.

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