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08 Jul 2014
Have you ever worked with someone of whom you were afraid? Have you ever been in that position before? It can fill you with dread just to think about earning your livelihood around them. It can make you afraid of them and worry what will happen to you if you spend too much time around them. This is mostly due to inconsistency in coworkers, in their personality and ways of dealing with various people, and it can also be due to a violent or unstable temper showing through.

Dangerous coworkers can be, and at the very least seem, just as dangerous as a substance abusing spouse. You never know what you will get. You never know what you will get, and so your body, endorphins, brain chemicals, etc. are programmed to respond to constant danger. You don’t feel afraid. You feel terrified. You feel constantly in danger of something, and the problem is that you cannot even anticipate the change in mood, the attitude alteration, the position before and after the ingestion or injection of the drug.

It is scary. Very scary.

And coworkers who are under the influence of substance abuse while on the jobsite bring all of this to your work. You cannot escape from it like you can when you visit an alcoholic relative and then leave later on. You have to be at your work. You have to make your money. And so you are dependent upon a situation in which you constantly feel threatened, because the threat shows up sporadically and without warning.

Don’t run a business which has that energy in it.

Instead, protect your employees from coworkers who abuse illicit drugs and alcohol onsite. Make sure you know about it. Mediscreen is NATA accredited for medical testing and we can bring pre-employment screening and a regular drug testing program into your business. This is the kind of flawless, smoothly operating business you need to have. Onsite drug and alcohol testing is a great tool for every business owner. Set up a system which includes a drug testing plan.

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