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05 Jul 2014
Have you ever climbed a mountain? Okay, there may not be many of you. Let’s ask a simpler question. Have you ever been close enough to a mountain to look at its barren rock face and truly see that there are places where there are no trees? There are places visible on mountains on postcards for goodness sake.

Barren rock seems to be desert to many eyes. It’s so tough, and unyielding in many ways. However, it will yield to both tree and stream of water. Water carves out rock into whatever shape it deems good and right, and trees clutch onto rock with their roots, burrowing deeper and deeper into the rock face. Even a small, delicate vine, through small exertion of force, pushes against the stone wall of an old home and begins the crumbling process which may take hundreds of years or just a few years to complete. And we’re talking about just a small delicate vine here.

Gentle pressure, over time, yields results which are enormous and far reaching.

The same principle can be applied to workplace drug testing. We all know that drug and alcohol testing is only a deterrent if employees are afraid of being found out. Otherwise, it is simply a tool by which you can measure the amount, if any, of substance abuse in the workplace environment. But, by implementing drug and alcohol screening on a regular basis, you are influencing people, little by little, the longer they work for you. They see the minimum standard required by your business to remain employed. They are taught, little by little, like the vine etching away at the stone, about the kind of responsibility you hope to keep in your business.

Workplace drug testing and alcohol testing is provided by Mediscreen to many businesses all throughout Australia. We make it easy by providing onsite drug screening which is accredited by NATA to AS4308. We are proud of the legacy our business is leaving in many businesses today. If you would like to become a part of this high quality team.

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