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23 Jun 2014
Stability is a tricky subject. It is highly subjective, because different people consider different things stable, and other things unstable. It’s very controversial in that it assumes that everyone will want to be the same thing and have the same level of stability in their lives, and that’s just not true. Stability means different things to different people. To some, it means not having to worry about the bills or just barely scrape by before the next bill comes. To some people, stability means getting up to go to work every day on their jobs, family and homes, because that’s what responsible people do. And to some, it means staying true to yourself, because if you lose who you truly are at your deepest most inner depths, then you have lost something far more valuable than all of the money or home steadiness in the world.

Stability is part of something strange and wonderful that occurs within each of us, but which each of defines as something completely different. If a child grows up in a violent, yelling household, then stability comes in the form of peace, and we mean peace. If someone is abusing drugs or alcohol, then stability comes in the form of being able to handle life at its most basic level. It’s really important to realize that you never know what is going on with someone until you understand what they define as stable.

And that is where we continue the topic of drug and alcohol testing. In your business, you are the one who defines what is and is not stable. In your company, you set the standard for stability and what it looks like within your company. Of course, if you leave it up to chance, then stability in your workforce will take a drastic nosedive. But, if you define it and help it to remain the standard throughout the years, you see the necessity for a streamlined form of drug testing and alcohol testing, because that is what gives you information you need. Mediscreen is NATA AS4308 and AS4760 accredited and we are proud of our drug testing program. If you are looking for onsite drug and alcohol screening, then try our mobile drug and alcohol testing services.

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