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18 Jun 2014
Cosmic habit force is something which was taught by Napoleon Hill in his Right to be Rich series. It is the last step in the principles given in this series. Cosmic habit force has to do with the way that events compound on themselves, like compounded interest at the bank. If you habitually do something every day, even if it’s just for two minutes or just a little bit, you are establishing a habit force which will carry you much further in the future.

Mediscreen helps businesses establish proper employee evaluation habits by providing them with proper pre-employment screening and mobile drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis. This way, businesses like yours can keep an eye on their employees regarding substance abuse in the workplace. This is one of the most effective quality control techniques used today, and many of us here at Mediscreen can really see how efficient the businesses are which hire us. It is part of their professional quality control to implement onsite drug and alcohol testing and to bring it to the forefront of the employee evaluation techniques.

In all honesty, implementing good business systems, or good operational habits as you might put it, is one of the biggest differences between companies which succeed and companies which fail. This is one of the biggest pieces of the success pie and it really should have a lot of attention paid to it.

In the meantime, using cosmic habit force in your business is one of the best ways to keep things in a steady flow of events and company operation. Without it, habits which should have been put into place in the beginning of training are put off because they are not required very often. This is a mistake. All of your workers should know how the business is set up and what is expected of them at any point in time, and that gives them a steady pace of predictability. In these cases, it is of primary importance to make sure that your workplace drug testing through Mediscreen is fully taken care of. We are NATA accredited to conduct onsite testing to AS4308.

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